Another Great Pancho Show

There is a huge difference between shooting live music and experiencing a show. I photograph a lot of shows. There are some acts that I put more work into than others. Some bands put more work into their show than others. So how I approach each set is different. To me there’s more to a good show than just good songs. When I go to show, I think I want a little more.

Pancho + The Factory is one of those acts that I love to shoot and love watching. However, photographing a show can really separate you from the experience. When I’m photographing Pancho, I shoot a lot of frames, but I do my best to experience the show as well. This last show happened to be on my birthday. I don’t work on my birthday, but I love these guys so much, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I had great access to the stage and to the photo-pit, so getting some good images was easier. There were a lot of people at this show. Pancho opened for Ty Segal at the Hi-Fi Music Hall. Navigating the crowd wasn’t easy at all. I don’t mind working for it though. I think there is something special gets translated into images when the photographer likes the music.

I will have more images published in Fade In Chorus next week with a show review.

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