You Have to Stop and Take a Look Back

Looking back at your old work can really help with inspiration for future work. We as photographers can get so caught up in what we are doing, that we forget why we started taking pictures in the first place. It’s not just about looking at your mistakes, it’s looking at your old successes, and remembering why. I have twenty years of images to look at, and it’s easy to get consumed by all that work. Frankly, I don’t think most of it is very good. Taking a look at a roll of film randomly chosen from a binder is often helpful.

This gallery is from April 2005 in Lafayette, Colorado.

My friend Longboard Ric was working with a group of young skateboarders (groms) and I went along for the ride. Ric loaded up the van in Boulder with his group of teenage skaters and we drove to a new skatepark for a mini skate-competition. I have gone to a lot of these competitions with the kids and have always had a great time.

Film: Fujicolor Reala
Camera: Rollei35 S

Year in Portraits – 2016

The “Year in Pictures” thing is a popular theme this time of year. I think a lot of photographers love the retrospective.

This year I put together a group of my favorite portraits. Most of these are not “sit and smile” shots. In fact they are off-the-cuff shots of friends and family. those are often my favorite images. As I was going through my Lightroom catalog, I saw shot almost 30,000 images. I know that I do enjoy revisiting my past images.

I learned going through the last twelve months of images; I haven’t shot enough portraits. I will have to address that shortcoming in 2017.

Live Music at Conor O’Neill’s

Music is a big attraction for Conor O’Neill’s

There is music three nights per week. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings is a raucous time at the Irish Pub. The main room gets really packed, especially when the university is in session.
By most accounts Boulder Colorado doesn’t have a very big a music scene, despite having a lot of music fans.

Last week the owners of Conor O’Neill’s announced they were going to close after 17 years. The word on the street, was the building owner raised rent 30% or so. Well, I guess some things have changed and now they are going to stay open. If the pub had closed it would have put a huge hole in the already tiny music scene. Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and the hordes were kept at bay.

Let the music roar on…

update: our beloved bar closed in June after all. 😑

Jubal Thinks Too Much

Jubal, a human, a musician, now gone from our physical realm.

Jubal was a gifted musician and a genuinely concerned human being. I’ve photographed lots of musicians and artists, Jubal was indeed one of my favorite artists and humans. I consider myself lucky to have known Jubal. He’s one of a handful friends that make you feel happy to be who you are just being around him. I’m not sure if Jubal loved the camera as much he was comfortable around the camera. I think he enjoyed having friends taking pictures while he was enjoying the company of friends. I was fortunate enough to be around for those times.

I liked Jubal, we miss our good friend.