An Evening with the Suburban Dead

Last Wednesday I got the opportunity to photograph Pancho + the Factory. I have been wanting to get a shoot with those guys for weeks now. They have a big show coming up and a bunch of new songs, but Steve giving me that precious practice time with them was fantastic.

There was no time to shoot a group shot, so it was one on one. I had 90 minutes to shoot seven head-shots while they were working on their stage-faces. I had to cycle through the group whilst learning my new 120cm octagon-softbox. I’ve used large softboxes before, but I have never used an octagon this large. It does make beautiful light that wraps around the subject. I think I still have a little ways to go with this thing before I really get the hang of it. I also had a limited amount of space to work in. I had not been to their practice space before, so I didn’t know what to expect. There was a large step-van in front and it blocked the wall I wanted to shoot in front of. The weather didn’t exactly cooperate the way I would have liked either. Fortunately there was a good overhang for the band. I however spent most of the time shooting in a light rain.

The shoot was fun, and I can’t wait to shoot more with this band. There is one necessity that I need when photographing a band with six or more members, a good assistant. I was lucky to have Michelle there to wrangle the gang for me. It’s always nice to have someone carry stuff for you too.

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