Fear Nuttin’ at Manifestivus

Fear Nuttin’ Band

I caught this raucously fun band at The Manifestivus this year. The Fear Nuttin’ Band hails from Springfield, MA. Half of the six member band is from Jamaica and I think that is how this reggae/rock band creates such a unique sound. These guys sure know how to make a crowd go nuts. This show was so much fun I’m glad I wandered over to Backwoods Stage to catch their show.

Thing in Alsea – 2014

Thing is a music event in Alsea Oregon, bringing together a wonderful batch of musicians and friends to one place in a remote part of Oregon.

One fine summer day Matthew was sitting around at home and looked upon the land and said to himself, “if you build it, they will come“.

Ok, that’s pure speculation on my part, but I can’t imagine that it’s that far off from the truth though. I know that 2014 was not the first year for the music festival known as the Thing in Alsea, but 2014 was the year I was lucky enough to attend.

There wasn’t a Thing in 2015, but word on the street is there will be another one this year. I hope I am lucky enough to attend once again. It was this glorious summer event I would meet some of my dearest friends and discover some of my favorite bands. I put together some of my favorite images from the best music festival I have ever been too.

Saint – Minden Video Shoot

Casey from the band Minden gave me a call when he realized he needed a photographer to shoot stills for the filming of the band’s next music video. The whole video was shot in one long day. In Portland the weather actually held up for most of the day. Benjamin Ross Lyerly was the director for the video, and his crew were real pros. I was so glad I got to sit in on this shoot.

Treefort Music Festival 2015

I got a call from Berg of And And And and he informed we were going to Treefort in Boise Idaho. I just said ok and I packed my camera bags. I’m so glad that I went. I tried to photograph every show that I could. This was a lot of photography to undertake.

Treefort Music Festival is not really the traditional multi-day camping music festival. The staff work with the local venues in town to put on shows over a few days. You buy your wristband, and it gives you access to the shows. There are a lot of shows and the venues are all over town. There will be some planning on your part to really see the shows you want. I tried to see Trampled by Turtles and the line to get in was 100 people deep. I wanted to see Animal Eyes and I knew they were playing at the Reef. I huffed it over there and I had to wait for Jumping Sharks and Jason Webley before Animal Eyes hit the stage. It was the best decision of the weekend. Both of those acts were fantastic.

The real fun part of Treefort, is all the people you get to meet. The fans are so pumped to see their favorite band, and the locals were so nice to talk to. I met so many great people, that I can’t wait to go back.

These are my favorite images from time there.