A Night of Childspeak

It doesn’t matter whether we’re photographing dog catchers, accountants or musicians. Photographing groups of people always adds another level of complexity over photographing one person. It’s difficult enough to coordinate with one or two people, it’s even more so with four or six people. There’s usually an element of uncertainty when photographing groups.

If there’s already an event where the group had planned to be at, this makes it easier. Coordinating a group photo-shoot is a different situation. There are always people in the group that aren’t so thrilled about being photographed. Every situation is different of course. I had a band shoot a few months back during the band’s practice day and there were members that had some anxiety over being photographed. This shoot with Childspeak we had some scheduling issues, but everyone was happy to have the shoot happen.

We hustled pretty hard to get this shoot done in one night. I had such a great time working with these guys.

Everything comes down to having a good plan of what you want to achieve. When things go off the rails have a plan b and a plan c ready to go.

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