Give Me an Hour

I’m the kind of photographer that watches hours of YouTube photography videos looking for inspiration. Lately I have been watching a lot of videos on the “5 Minute Portrait“. I suspect that most portrait photographers consider this quick-portraiture more about the profit margin than creating meaningful images. Which is fine I suppose. If you have a big studio, you have to keep the lights on. In that case you gotta get ’em in and out quickly.

A lot practice goes into to making a good portrait. It’s not just the best gear. A photographer needs a good attitude with a professional work ethic on top of technical prowess. Anybody can sit a model on stool in front of white-seamless surrounded by massive strobes with light modifiers. Sitting them down, snapping a couple of pictures and sending them on their way. That is too boring for me.

I prefer to get my subject comfortable with getting their picture taken. Which isn’t always an easy feat. I find this takes me about forty-five minutes. The last fifteen minutes I have always found to be the most productive part of a shoot. Even when I am already acquainted with the subject, it takes time for them to let their guard down. When their guard is down, the subject has a nice glow to them and it is evident in the final image. These images are almost always my favorite shots from the photo shoot.

These images are from the last few minutes of their respective shoots.

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