Interesting Pictures Are All Around Us

You don’t have to travel around the world to great pictures. I believe that there is beauty all around us waiting to be photographed. I photowalk damn near everyday, and there are days that I am bored to tears, because I have the bug to travel too. There is something to photograph everywhere, it just patience and you have to pay attention. This is part of the reason I’d rather go out on solo photowalks. The distraction of conversation is sometimes too much and I tend to feel rushed. Although, going out it a group does have different advantages. See how other photographers see the world and learning from their techniques is very helpful.

There seems to be this  idea floating around the internet that says, “if you want interesting pictures, you must go to interesting places“. This message is usually being delivered by the YouTube photography educators. I suppose I agree, but to hear some of them tell it, you must go to the exotic places that he does. However, with people just throwing money at him, he can afford to go anywhere in the world. Aside from having the financial means to travel anywhere some of these photographers do take make lovely pictures. If you’re a photographer taking his online courses and your pictures aren’t any good, your led to believe that it’s because you aren’t traveling to exotic locations.

Taking those courses can be very helpful, and be very inspirational. Just don’t take their word for it. Take your camera out and shoot, and shoot everything.

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