“Who’s the Ross?” It Was a Good Run…

“Who’s The Ross” is a late night, live comedy show hosted by actor and comedian Aaron Ross. Along with co-writer and Comedian Jordan Paladino, Tuesday nights were a great time to be at Dante’s. The show was a lot like a television late night program, except live and not broadcast of course. There’s a large rotating cast and crew that kept this craziness going for more than 700 shows. Over the span of about 10 years, the show seemed to take on a life of its own. Aaron thought it was time to move on to the next project.

How I got roped in.

I’m not sure how Aaron found me. He and I first talked on the phone way back in September 2014, he convinced me to come out to check out the show, perhaps shoot some pictures. The idea was to document the players backstage and not as much of the stage performance. I found it difficult to tell their story without covering the stage. The stage is where the characters came to life. The first night I showed up I didn’t know what to expect. In fact, I was a bit nervous. I’m never nervous, but I was out of my comfort zone.

Cast of Characters

I’ve photographed this show on and off since October 2014. I’ve had such an incredible time with these late-night rodeo clowns. Every night was a new adventure in funny. The first time out, I had a great time. I immediately recognized how important the characters were to the show. I love how that all the members of the cast and crew were all members of both cast and crew. Everybody had more than one job. At a casual glance, it would seem that everyone was there to goof off on a Tuesday night. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There was a lot of hard work by these guys. The real stars are all the characters that visit every week. These extremely talented actors, comedians, dancers, musicians, and entertainers make “Who’s The Ross?” what it is.

From the time I started to the last show, I did see cast and crew come and go and come back. That’s just the nature of things, but at the end of the day, every one of those crazy kids helped make that show successful. I never expected such unique talents could work so well together on a live stage.

There’s nothing the cast can’t do, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Here is a gallery from the last show, 16 February 2018.

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